Whoever you are, no matter your background, we would love to have you visit with us.

We meet Sundays at 9am for worship and preaching; 10am for Bible study; and 11:00am for worship, sermon, and the Lord's Supper. We also meet Wednesdays at 7:00pm for Bible Study.

You can contact us by calling (815) 562-6572 or emailing us at rochellechurch@gmail.com.

We are putting

Christ at the center

in the hub city.

We believe we exist to know, enjoy, and glorify God. We believe He is the greatest being in all the universe and beyond. We see God most clearly when we see Jesus. We see Jesus most clearly when we see the gospel (2Cor 4:4, 6). Let us share this good news with you.



Rochelle church of Christ