about us

The church of Christ in Rochelle, IL

Putting Christ at the center in the hub city.

Who are we?

As individuals, we are simply followers of Jesus. We have been drawn to God (Jhn 6.44) by the cross of Christ (John 12:32). We have entered into a relationship of love and trust with the Lord (Mt 22.37; Lk 7.50), being immersed in water in His name (Gal 3.27). By the free gift of His grace, we have been forgiven of our sins (Eph 2.1-10). We agree with the psalmist who wrote, “Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you” (Ps 73.25). We want to glorify God with our lives, love our neighbors as ourselves, and share the good news about Jesus with others (1Cor 1.23; Mk 8.34).

As a group, we seek to glorify God, build up His people, and share the good news with those who have not heard it. We meet together to praise God and build each other up by singing (Heb 13.15; Col 3.16), praying (Acts 2.42), studying the bible (2Tim 3.16-17), giving freely (1Cor 16.1-3), and remembering our Lord’s death every first day of the week (1Cor 11.17-34). Since our goal is glorifying God, we try our best not to let our personal desires and preferences shape or guide our work or worship. We want to please God in the simple way He has shown us in the Bible.